Mike Abela is an award winning filmmaker based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His passion for aesthetics run deep, giving his productions a unique quality and style. Abela’s love for culture, traveling and real-life stories have inspired both his fictional and non-fictional productions. From living and working in South East Asia, to directing music videos in the Caribbean have all been factors which influence Abela to approach each project with a holistic and cultured perspective.

Abela has a B.A. in Cinema Production from San Francisco State University and he specializes in directing, producing and cinematography. His promotional and philanthropic films have gone on to raise significant funds and awareness for a number of organizations and his music video productions have been showcased in such places as BET and other television stations internationally. Abela and his team are dedicated to their craft and love what they do. Whether you are seeking a full scale, or small scale production, Mike Abela Films will deliver passion, quality and professionalism to each project.

Mike Abela Films meets your production needs from conception to final product. With a vast network of visual artists and filmmakers, we collaborate with professional creative minds to deliver the perfect film to each client. Our emphasis is on music video, documentary, promotional and philanthropic filmmaking, however we can produce just about any type of production which suites your needs.